Steel Cement Bare Finished False Floor

Steel Cement Bare Finished False Floor

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Bare Finished Steel Cementitious Raised Floor/False Floor is generally used in office areas which is then covered with Carpet. We offer Genuine Grade of Bare Finished Raised Floor/False Floor to meet loading requirement. 

The most important points to be considered while selecting or comparing Bare finished steel cementitious Raised Floor are:

Top and Bottom Steel Thickness of Panel - Strength of any Steel Cementitious panel depends on the Steel used in the panel

Thickness of Paint on the panel - This protects the panel from the corrosion. It increases life of the panel. better the paint on the panel, better is the life of floor panel  

Infilled material - Generally, these Steel Cementitious Panels are filled with pure cement with some additives and binders. Many Manufacturers use Fly Ash to reduce cost of production. Fly Ash does not add any strength to the panel but, as it is cheaper than cement, it is used as a filler material to reduce the cost of floor panel